Feasibility Study Report

In September 2012, we conducted a diocesan-wide feasibility study to ascertain the level of support for a capital campaign to fund a clergy mentorship program, grants and loans to congregations and renovation of the Episcopal Church Center in Ocean Beach. Here are the results of that study in a nutshell.

  • Nine-hundred-and-seventy-four families responded to the study.
  • Eighty-three percent of those who responded to the study supported the idea of a diocesan capital campaign.
  • In fact, more people supported the idea of a campaign than were aware a campaign is under consideration.
  • The entire diocese was offered the chance to participate in the study through one of three ways:
    • Personal interviews
    • Online survey
    • Paper survey distributed through congregations

Where people had heard about the campaign projects directly, there was strong support.
The feasibility study also indicated areas where there are questions. Many people were not aware:

    • how the congregational loans would be administered,
    • why a clergy mentoring program would serve them or how it would be structured,
    • how the School for Ministry would be available to all members of the diocese,
    • that the diocesan offices cannot stay at the cathedral without significant capital investment, and
    • that a number of logical alternatives have been investigated and found more expensive.

The study also indicated lead donors are hesitant to make philanthropic commitments until the presidential election and related budgetary issues are more resolved.

Campaign leadership have addressed these issues by significantly scaling back our campaign goal, reprioritizing the programs that the campaign will fund and launching targeted communications to educate potential donors about the benefits of the campaign.

The Build the Serving Church capital campaign is quietly underway, with much progress already made toward our $2,500,000 goal. The official kick-off is the gala dinner on Friday, February 21 at the DoubleTree in Mission Valley. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend. For more information, please visit: www.edsd.org/diocon2014